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News News NSW Women suffering under WorkChoices
A new report has found that New South Wales women in lower-income jobs have been badly affected by the Federal WorkChoice laws.

The report Down and Out with WorkChoices was jointly commissioned by the NSW Government and University of Sydney, and describes the experiences of 25 women across the state.

The NSW Industrial Relations Minister, John Della Bosca, says the federal laws have diminished women's choices at work, home and in the community, because of a decline in the predicability of job security, hours of work and earnings.

He says those factors create a knock-on effect for the women.

"It is true that many of these women workers were traditionally at the lower paid end of the spectrum, but they were performing important productive work which is now being exploited," he said.

"They are left in a situation with diminished circumstances, diminished mental health, and of course a diminished ability to contribute to the community.


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