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News News Sacked for being pregnant
Carrum Downs mum-to-be Rebecca Besant claims she was sacked by her former employer for being pregnant.

 Ms Besant said she was fired two days after telling her boss at La Porchetta Carrum Downs she was six weeks pregnant.

"They said it was a choice of terminating my baby and keeping my job, or keeping the baby and losing my job," she said.

Ms Besant, 25, who worked part-time as a dishwasher, said she was told it was an occupational health and safety issue. "But I worked in a factory during my last pregnancy, so I knew what my body could and couldn't handle," she said.

"I don't see why a pregnant woman should be discriminated against in the workplace. "The more people speak up, the more we will be heard.

" Ms Besant's case is to be heard in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She said she refused the restaurant's offer of her job back. "I don't want to work for people who discriminate against a person and then say, 'Have your job back'," Ms Besant said.

Lawyers for the restaurant said they could not comment.

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