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UnionsWA today commented on the decision by WA Industrial Relations Commission in the State Wage Case.The Commission has decided that the WA Minimum Wage will rise by $18.20 per week to $645.90 per week.


This decision will affect over 100,000 working people in WA.  Those paid on State Awards but above the Minimum Wage will also only get $18.20 per week.  The decision is for a flat rise, not a percentage increase.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Today’s increase for the State Minimum Wage of $18.20 per week for a full time worker falls well short of the typical Perth house rental rise of $40 per week over the past year.

“When low wage workers have to face rising costs for essentials they are forced to work longer hours and have less time with family.

”In addition, job security fears worsen and workers are less likely to raise legitimate workplace concerns such as for health and safety or getting their proper pay such as for overtime.

“Importantly, the Commission gave as one of the main reasons for its decision that housing and other essential costs of living are high and rising in WA.

“Interest rates, unemployment and industrial disputes are low.

“The overall inflation is low but this is misleading because low wage workers must meet rising costs for essentials, rather than slowing price rises for electronics, luxuries and lifestyle goods. 

Meredith Hammat is available for comment. 

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