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News News 164,000 WA Union members join for a life
UnionsWA today commented on the release by the ABS of data finding 164,000 working West Australians are union members.  The data shows that compared with union members, non-union members are three and a half times more likely to have no entitlements to paid leave.
Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Over the past year union membership in WA has fallen only marginally to now stand at 163,900 - 14.3% of the workforce in WA or one in seven of all working West Australians.

“Importantly the ABS figures show that compared with union members non-union members are three and a half times more likely to go without paid leave entitlement - 27.5% of non-union members compared to 7.8% of union.

“Unions are about ensuring people have a life, not only a job.

“Long hours of work, extended hours commuting to and from work, job insecurity and the growing problems of work related stress and other health and safety issues are all issues that unions work to address to ensure that family, community and recreation are not lost through work.


6310.0 - Employee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union Membership, Australia, August 2012  

Meredith Hammat is available for comment.

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