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News Media Releases Sunday trading no excuse for pay cut
Sunday trading no excuse for pay cut
Sunday, 26 August 2012 10:47

UnionsWA has warned against attempts to use extended trading hours to cut pay rates.

Meredith Hammat, President of UnionsWA said:

“Sunday trading is not an excuse to cut the low pay of retail and hospitality workers.

“Family celebrations, religious observances, relaxing with friends or sporting events such as today’s City to Surf, mostly occur on weekends.

“Penalty rates are just that – a penalty on employers to limit work intruding on shared time with family and in the community. 

“Employers asked for Sunday trading, they can afford to factor in proper pay for their staff and they should manage to keep unsociable hours of work to a minimum.

“Retail and other employer groups have said they want to radically reduce penalty rates.

“Premier Barnett has said he opposes penalty rates and Tony Abbott has clearly implied his opposition.
“Too many politicians say they care about families, but when it comes to a choice between business interests and families, business wins.

“Evidence has shown that school students are now spending more time in paid work and less time with family. 
“If Sunday trading is compounded by a reduction in penalty pay workers in retail and hospitality will have to work after-hours more often and work longer to earn the same pay. 
“That means less shared time for families.”
For more information contact: Madeleine Holme 0417 060 360 or

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