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Leaders commit to public services
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 00:00

The Leader of the Opposition, Mark McGowan and Greens spokesperson, Alison Xamon MLC today signed the Save Our Services Action Plan committing their parties to support for quality public services. 

Save Our Services is a campaign led by UnionsWA and public sector unions involving radio, television, billboard and social media to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining public services.

Meredith Hammat, President UnionsWA, said:

“It is disappointing that Premier Barnett has falsely claimed this is a partisan party political campaign.

 “Since the election of the Barnett Government total revenue to the WA Government has increased by almost $6 billion.

“WA can afford quality public services.  It’s a question of priorities. 

“If the Premier can afford $25 million on a new office for himself, why is he under-funding services?

“The latest phase of the campaign, including TV ads, highlights under-funding of transport, school student assistance, mental health and other vital public services.”

The Action Plan commits WA leaders to:
1. Share the benefits of the boom.  Record State Government mining royalties must be invested in quality public services and infrastructure.
2. Fund for growth. Public services must be adequately funded to keep pace with WA’s rapidly growing population.
3. Quality services for regional WA.  All Western Australians deserve access to quality public services, no matter where they live.
4. No privatisation.  State Government services should remain in public hands and should not be sold off to private companies or outsourced to charities.
5. Fair workplaces. The State Government should provide fair wages and conditions to attract and retain quality workers.

“Large corporations regularly spend many millions of dollars lobbying via advertising to advance the interest of their businesses.

“Yet when ordinary working people, with far fewer resources, speak up for needed public services, the Premier is dismissive.  The State Government is out of touch with the concerns of families and households.

“All leaders in WA should focus on the issues that matter, the decisions and priorities that determine who gets services and who does not.”

“We can’t afford quality public services at this time in our State’s economic history, when will he be able to afford them?”

Information about the Save Our Service Campaign may be found at:

pdf Media Release 198.91 Kb 

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