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News Media Releases Historic minimum wage increase needed in WA
Historic minimum wage increase needed in WA
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 13:26

UnionsWA today made its written submission on the Minimum Wage to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission State Case.  UnionsWA has called for an increase of 7% or a $42.50 per week increase for the lowest paid in WA.

Simone McGurk, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“The real value of the minimum wage in WA has been falling for the past decade. 

“In 2002 the minimum wage as a proportion of average earnings was 51.3% and by 2011 had declined to 41.2%.

“We used to be ahead nationally, now we are behind when it comes to low paid workers.

“WA is now the most unequal State or Territory in Australia and a recent study concluded that WA is as unequal as the USA.
“The overall inflation in WA is low but this is misleading because low wage workers must meet rising costs for essentials, rather than slowing prices for electronics, luxuries and lifestyle goods. 

“From June 2008 and 2011, since the election of the Barnett Government, the WA Minimum Wage increased by 8.9%, while electricity costs have gone up by 56.9%, gas and other households fuels by 69.8%, rents up by 25.1%, and education costs by 27.7%. 
“At present the State Minimum Wage is only $607.10 per week for a full time worker.
“The WA economy is strong and experiencing labour shortages, so a modest 7% increase in the minimum wage is affordable, fair and sensible.



Peter Whiteford, ‘Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?’

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