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Save Our Services Media Campaign Launch
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 15:06

On Sunday 4 March a new phase in the Save Our Services Campaign began with the launch of a radio advertising campaign highlighting the risk to services of the Barnett Government privatisation program.

Simone McGurk, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“The privatisation of public services by the Barnett Government poses real risks for community safety in areas such as hospitals and prisons.

 “The radio advertisements deliberately highlight these risks.

“There’ll be no apology for being sensational.  Concern is justified.

“The reality is that large private companies seek to maximise their profits by reducing costs.  That can lead to cutting corners for things like the cleaning of hospitals, medical services or prisoner rehabilitation programs.

“Cost-saving through privatisation inevitably leads to difficulties attracting and retaining staff. 

“This is particularly important in WA.  Some areas of labour shortages are very serious as the boom draws people into mining and associated jobs.”



Information about the Save Our Service Campaign may be found at:

Save Our Services radio advertisements may be listened to at:

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