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News News Western Australians welcome a price on pollution

Western Australian churches, community groups, aid organisations, unions, business and environmental groups, along with thousands of ordinary Western Australians, are today welcoming the passing of the carbon price legislation through the Senate.

This historic milestone is especially welcome in a state that is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change [see the Climate Commission’s recent report on the impacts of climate change in Western Australia]. WA is already experiencing the impacts of a drying climate and above average sea level rises. We cannot afford to delay action any longer.

The organisations listed below have welcomed the legislation as the price on carbon will provide incentives for businesses to adopt cleaner technologies, boost the efforts of Australia in international climate negotiations, provide certainty for workers and businesses and drive the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Supporting organisations:
Uniting Church Synod of WA, Oxfam Australia, Sustainable Energy Association of Australia, Australian Youth Climate Coalition WA, Conservation Council of WA and UnionsWA.

Additional quotes from participating organisations:

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk said, “A price on carbon will create new employment opportunities and is an essential step towards a cleaner, healthier future and a continuing strong economy. For this reason, WA unions welcome the passing of the Clean Energy Future legislation today.”

Conservation Council of WA Director Piers Verstegen said, “The Conservation Council of WA is very pleased to see the federal government finally put a price on carbon pollution. 

“Western Australia is already suffering from the impacts of climate change, with record low rainfalls and increasingly erratic weather putting more and more pressure on the environment. This legislation is a victory for the thousands of ordinary Western Australians who can see that WA has much to gain from putting a price on carbon pollution and far too much to lose from inaction on climate change.”

Basha Stasak, 2011 CCWA Young Environmentalist of the Year and Coordinator Australian Youth Climate Coalition WA said, "This is an historic vote for Australia’s future. Today we join more than 100 other countries already moving fast to build clean energy industries and securing the future for future generations."

Paddy Cullen, WA Campaign Coordinator for Oxfam Australia said, “Oxfam is seeing more intense droughts, floods, storms and sea level rise as climate change gathers pace, destroying lives and livelihoods and sending the price of food beyond the reach of many people.

“We believe by taking action on climate change, Australia will be acting in step with the global community, and be in a better position to negotiate a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement on climate change when the world meets in Durban for climate negotiations in December.”

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