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News Media Releases Minister O’Brien Caught Red Handed Misleading Public on Local Content Figures
Minister O’Brien Caught Red Handed Misleading Public on Local Content Figures
Friday, 07 October 2011 17:28

 The Barnett Government today has been caught red handed trying to pass off manufacturing and engineering work going offshore as local.

 Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien was quoted today as saying in a press release:

 “Chevron’s Wheatstone project will deliver $3billion worth of contracts to WA companies by December 2011.

“Just yesterday it was announced that Worley Parsons were awarded a $235million contract for construction management services on this project.”

This is contrary to Worley Parsons release which stated:

To execute this project, construction driven project teams will be located in Perth, Houston, onsite in Ashburton North and in selected fabrication yards in Asia.

Minister O’Brien has failed as Minister responsible according to Australian Manufacturing Workers Union State Secretary Steve McCartney.

“Far from being a local contract, the fabrication is being sent to Asia, the engineering to Houston and onsite work being done in Ashburton North.” Mr McCartney Said

“Using Simon O’Brien’s definition of local, the Eiffel tower could be just down the road.

“We have heard much bragging from the State Government bragging that Chevron will announce $3b of local tenders by Christmas.

“However if they are claiming this $235m contract as part of the $3b, it raises the obvious question: How much of this work is really being performed here and why doesn’t Minister O’Brien know what is happening in his own portfolio?”

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk is outraged that Minister O’Brien would try to pass off the WA Jobs Alliance policy as his own.

“Mr O’Brien must have become confused when he claimed the unions’ policy on local content and transparency as that of the Premier. We would have welcomed the WA Government coming up with the policy, but it didn’t,” said Ms McGurk.

“It had the chance to increase transparency and local content last month, but instead it voted down a Labor-backed Bill that would have ensured transparency when dealing with big resource companies.

“The man hasn’t got any original ideas of his own so he has to pinch the Alliance’s.”

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