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News News FIFO/DIDO deadline looming

UnionsWA is calling on individuals, groups, communities and employers involved in and affected by the proliferation of fly in fly‐in, fly‐out (FIFO) and drive‐in, drive‐out (DIDO) operations to make submissions to a government inquiry before the deadline on Friday (7 October, 2011).

The Standing Committee on Regional Australia launched its inquiry on August 24 to look at workforce practices in regional Australia, with specific reference to:
• the extent and projected growth in FIFO/DIDO work practices, including in which regions and key industries this practice is utilised;
• costs and benefits for companies, and individuals, choosing a FIFO/DIDO workforce as an alternative to a resident workforce;
• the effect of a non-resident FIFO/DIDO workforce on established communities, including community wellbeing, services and infrastructure;
• the impact on communities sending large numbers of FIFO/DIDO workers to mine sites;
• long term strategies for economic diversification in towns with large FIFO/DIDO workforces;
• key skill sets targeted for mobile workforce employment, and opportunities for ongoing training and development;
• provision of services, infrastructure and housing availability for FIFO/DIDO workforce employees;
• strategies to optimise FIFO/DIDO experience for employees and their families, communities and industry;
• potential opportunities for non-mining communities with narrow economic bases to diversify their economic base by providing a FIFO/DIDO workforce;
• current initiatives and responses of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments; and
• any other related matter.
UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk says it is important that the health and welfare of workers and their families are considered by the inquiry.
“The very nature of the job is not conducive to a good family life, with one person, usually the male, being away from home for prolonged periods, then sent back for what basically amounts to a holiday,” Ms McGurk said.
“I’ve heard of workers finishing a 12 hour shift, jumping in their cars and having to drive for 10 hours to reach their homes because there are not enough flights to carry the workers,” she said.
“This is just an accident waiting to happen. It’s inhumane to put tired workers behind a wheel.”
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