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News Media Releases CCIWA congratulates itself for failing WA
CCIWA congratulates itself for failing WA
Thursday, 29 September 2011 15:03
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA should be hanging its head in shame rather than big-noting itself on its miserable failure for WA manufacturers and workers, UnionsWA said today.
This CCIWA announced that it has been working closely with Chevron for two years to identify Australian suppliers with the capability to undertake work on the Wheatstone project, claiming “effective communication and collaboration between project proponents, contractors and local suppliers, at an early stage, is (sic) the key to ensuring that local suppliers have full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for work.”
“The State Government should be embarrassed that it has funded such a pathetic effort to identify Australian suppliers for the Wheatstone project when most of the big fabrication work has gone offshore without Australians being able to tender for the contracts,” said UnionsWA secretary Simone McGurk.
“The State Government’s only strategy is to put money into what is tantamount to a dating service, matching projects to local businesses, and it gives the CCIWA the funds to do this but the track record so far is abysmal.
“This is why the Skilled Work Alliance has been calling on the State Government to be more assertive in negotiations leading up to approval of resource development, in particular more transparency about what will be delivered for local businesses,” she said.
An analysis released by the Skilled Workers Alliance earlier this week showed that manufacturing tenders were awarded to overseas companies months before a final investment decision was made. These include:
 LNG Train Refrigeration Compressors & Gas Turbines – Ohio USA & Florence, Italy
 Nitrogen Generators – Norway
 Utility Vessels, Positive Displacement Pumps, Tanks, Drums, Light Wall Pressure Vessels – South Korea
 Air Compressor and Dryer – Malaysia
 Sea Water Filters – USA
 Process Electrical Heater – Singapore
 Positive Displacement Pumps – Italy
 Firewater Pumps – Norway
“I don’t think any organisation, funded by the taxpayer, can laud its success when the facts stand up for themselves. The Barnett Government should be demanding, on behalf of the people, an investigation into to why so much work has gone offshore in the crucial, early stages of the Wheatstone project,” Ms McGurk said.
“None of this is adding up to WA jobs from WA resources.”
Chevron claims about $17 billion of the $29 billion earmarked for the Wheatstone project will be spent in Australia.
“It’s all well and good pulling a figure out of the air but no one really knows how they came to that figure,” said Ms McGurk.
Simone McGurk is available for comment.
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