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Industrial action negligible in WA
Friday, 02 September 2011 09:51
1 September 2011
Figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Western Australia does not have a culture of unnecessary industrial action.
The ABS told UnionsWA that the June quarter figures for days lost due to industrial action in WA were not released because the small figure could identify the companies involved and that would breach confidentiality rules.
Secretary of UnionsWA Simone McGurk says this shows that the Fair Work Act is working for employers and the workers in WA.
“Some employers are using the current downturn in sectors of the economy to criticise the Fair Work Act and to make a move to reintroduce the WorkChoices provisions,” Ms McGurk said. “These statistics in WA shows employers’ hysteria for what it is.
“The reality is that under the Fair Work Act is that the opportunity for legally-sanctioned industrial action is very narrow. Employers and unions are encouraged under the Act to resolve disputes amicably, through negotiation.”
Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott this week confirmed he would quash the Fair Work Act and return to a WorkChoices-style individual contracts system under a coalition government.
Under WorkChoices, an employer could create an individual contract, known as Australian Workplace Agreements, that stripped employees of basic award conditions.
Simone McGurk said this would leave WA workers worse off, with little or no opportunity to really negotiate with employers.
The ABS figures show that for the June quarter there were 53 disputes across the nation with fewer disputes than last year. In the year ending June 2010, there were 231 disputes but June 2011 there were 22 less disputes . Simone McGurk is available for comment.
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