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News News Unions slam large mining companies over tax ‘scare campaign’ and say resource super profits tax will benefit all Australian workers

The Federal Government has revealed in its much-anticipated response to the Henry tax review that it will lift compulsory superannuation contributions from 9 to 12 per cent by 2020. It will also increase tax on the 'super profits' of mining companies to ensure more of the profits made from Australian resources stay in Australia. 

While millions of Australians are set to reap higher retirement savings and benefit through greater investment in infrastructure, large mining companies have criticised the reform saying that the super profits tax will adversely affect jobs and the Australian economy. But Tony Maher, the national president of the CFMEU, says the tax on above-normal profits is a good thing and will have no effect on job security. "Nobody's job is at risk as a result of this tax. I think the scare campaign the mining companies are running is disgraceful," he said.

While Clive Palmer, a billionaire who chairs the private company Resourcehouse, says many mining jobs will be lost around Australia, Tony Maher says the super tax on miners will enable Australians to reap the benefits of rising commodity prices. "Prices after the [global financial] crisis have doubled again... and without [this super tax] we don't get any share of it - it all goes to shareholders, most of which are foreigners," he said. "These resources belong to us, all Australians. It beggars belief that [mining companies] think they can use our resources and be the sole beneficiaries." He says it will enable the industry to continue to grow "without missing a beat". "Mines will still be open, existing mines will be unaffected and workers' jobs will not be at risk," he said.

Australian Workers’ Union National Secretary, Paul Howes, agrees saying, “Neither the AWU or the CFMEU will stand by and allow Big Mining to run a scare campaign which hurts the job prospects of our memberships.”

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk says the tax will allow all Australian workers to benefit from Australia’s resources. “Unions have long campaigned for an increase in superannuation to 15% to ensure workers are able to comfortably transition into retirement. While we’re not there yet these changes to the taxation system are a positive step in the right direction.” She added “It is hardly surprising that the large mining companies are complaining – they have had a free rein to make massive profits from Australian resources for a very long time. Their arguments now clearly demonstrate that their priority is their shareholders at the expense of their workers and the Australian community.”

From: The Resource Super Profits Tax: A fair return to the nation

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