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News News West Australians unite to say yes to a price on carbon pollution

Churches, community groups, aid organisations, unions, business and environmental groups have united in support of a price on carbon pollution and they’re calling on other West Australians to join them.

The organisations have released the statement below to provide an opportunity for West Australians who support a price on carbon pollution to have their views heard.

They are asking individuals and organisations to sign up to the statement at

Western Australia Needs a Price on Carbon Pollution
‘As a state that is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and with significant, untapped renewable energy resources, WA has much to benefit from a price on carbon pollution and too much to lose from inaction.

West Australians are already seeing the impacts of a hotter, drier climate on our water supplies, multi-billion dollar agricultural industry and on our unique environments.

We want to ensure places like Ningaloo Reef and the South West karri forests are protected for our children and grandchildren to enjoy as well.

Putting a price on pollution will release billions of dollars that will be used to support low and middle income households, protect jobs, drive innovation in adaptation and clean energy projects and technologies, and support WA farmers who want to protect the land for future generations.

We say yes to embracing a cleaner and healthier future by placing a fair price on pollution. We say yes to rewarding businesses that do the right thing, and giving other businesses a reason to clean up their act.

We say YES to renewable energy investment, YES to jobs and YES to protecting our unique WA environment before it’s too late. We say YES to a price on pollution.’

Conservation Council of WA
Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia
Australian Youth Climate Coalition (WA)
Anglican EcoCare Commission
Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute
Oxfam Australia
Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

Organisations supporting the statement have made the following comments:

“The Uniting Church views climate change as a most serious threat to the future and integrity of life on earth. We hold particular concerns for our brothers and sisters in developing countries around the world who will be worst affected by the effects of climate change caused by the disproportionate emissions of wealthy countries such as Australia. It is time for Australia to be proactive in addressing climate change — we need a price on pollution.”
- Rev Ken Williams, Moderator of the Uniting Church in Western Australia

 “We’re concerned that the voices of vested interests in WA, courtesy of their multi-million dollar ‘carbon tax’ fighting funds, have been drowning out the voices of ordinary West Australians who can see that WA has much to gain from putting a price on carbon pollution and far too much to lose from inaction on climate change. Between us we represent a huge cross-section of the WA population and we want to ensure that our members and the WA community in general have a voice on this issue.”
- Piers Verstegen, Conservation Council of WA Director

A price on carbon will create new employment opportunities and is an essential step towards a cleaner, healthier future and a continuing strong economy. The misinformation that has been part of this debate is incredibly concerning, and so unions are calling on our members and on all West Australians to sign up to this statement as a positive response to the climate change challenge.”
- Simone McGurk, UnionsWA Secretary

“Young people will be the generation most affected by climate change, and we call on all politicians to support putting a price on pollution to secure our future.” 
- Basha Stasak, Australian Youth Climate Coalition (WA) spokesperson

 “A price on carbon will mean less pollution, more money for clean technology and innovation, and finally doing something about climate change. A healthy environment for WA requires real action on climate. We may well look back on 2011 as one of the defining moments in Australian history when we set a positive course for our future.”
- Paul Gamblin, WWF-Australia WA Director

“A strategy is needed to move Australia (and the world) to far less dependence on fossil fuels. Ensuring that the cost of carbon pollution is paid for is an essential part of such a strategy; the market surely expects the real costs of production to be part of the product price.
“Those who oppose all forms of carbon pricing are discounting the substantial risks for all life on this planet. Oversimplified political rhetoric does everyone a disservice. Avoidance of our responsibility to reduce carbon emissions can be expected to lead to higher future costs for everyone - caused, for example, by more frequent environmental disasters and the loss of jobs to more innovative economies that are on track to a sustainable future. Poorer people and nations would suffer most. Out of concern and care for our neighbours in Australia and the world, we acknowledge and support the urgent need to mitigate climate change through reducing carbon emissions.”
- Archbishop Roger Herft, Anglican Archbishop of Perth

“Australia’s government needs this kind of legislation to effectively lead the country to a clean energy future.”
- Professor Peter Newman, John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

“As an international aid agency, Oxfam is already seeing the effects of climate change on poor people in developing countries. Across the globe, droughts, floods, storms and sea level rise are set to increase in frequency and intensity as climate change gathers pace, destroying lives and livelihoods and sending the price of food beyond the reach of many people.  By taking action on climate change, Australia will be acting in step with the global community, and be in a better position to negotiate a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement on climate change when the world meets in Durban for climate negotiations in December.”
- Andrew Hewett, Executive Director, Oxfam Australia

“A carbon price will deliver certainty to markets. Certainty allows businesses to grow sustainably, to recruit and retain staff to undertake work, and for projects to proceed with confidence. Certainty is bankable and allows businesses to underwrite growth in their operations and will reduce funding costs arising from reduced loan risk, an outcome that will continue to bring down the cost of renewable energy projects  and give further stimulus to renewable energy generation.”
- Professor Ray Wills, Chief Executive, Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

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