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News Media Releases Colin Barnett should rule out WA WorkChoices in future terms, say unions
Colin Barnett should rule out WA WorkChoices in future terms, say unions
Thursday, 07 July 2011 16:05

WA unions are calling for Premier Colin Barnett to rule out WorkChoices-type changes to WA work laws in any future Liberal state government.

The call comes after the Premier announced that his Government would not implement any of the recommendations from a $850,000 report into the state's work laws.

"We welcome the Premier's distancing himself from WorkChoices-type changes to WA work laws. This is really an admission that of those policies are extreme and bad for ordinary West Australians," UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk said.

"But we know when the Court / Kierath and then Howard Government's pushed through the worst of these changes was in their second and third terms of government," Ms McGurk said

"Colin Barnett should be honest with the WA public and rule out any successive WA Liberal government implementing WorkChoices policies like forcing workers onto individual contracts, or taking away protection against unfair dismissal," Ms McGurk said.
After gaining Government in 2008, then then Minister for Commerce Troy Buswell commissioned a former WorkChoices architect, Steven Amendola, to review WA’s work laws, an exercise that wasted over $1million of taxpayers’ money.
193 recommendations were made, including forcing workers onto individual contracts, stripping away the award safety net and removing unfair dismissal rights. However, two years later following an extensive union and community “No WorkChoices in WA” campaign, the State Government is still to announce what legislative change will actually take place.
In response to a question at a  doorstop interview on Wednesday morning, the Premier ruled out WorkChoices-type changes, however was not specific.

"Since before the last election we have been calling non this Government to be clear about their position on this issue.  They have not. Colin Barnett must be upfront about what his government will do with the work laws covering 300,000 West Australians, not just now, but in the future." Ms McGurk said.

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