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News Media Releases Barnett Government’s local content announcement slammed by unions
Barnett Government’s local content announcement slammed by unions
Friday, 01 July 2011 15:08

Unions have blasted the Barnett Government’s lack of commitment to WA jobs and dismissed the Government’s 10 point ‘local industry participation plan’ as lacking concrete action.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk said: “The Barnett Government’s ten point plan is a lame attempt to appear like they’re doing something on local content while completely ignoring the needs of WA workers and local businesses.”

“Both unions and employers have been very clear on what is required by the Government to ensure that local workers and businesses are able to benefit from WA’s resources. The Government has completely ignored them.”

“We’re not asking for mandated local content targets. What we’re asking for is for large resource projects to be upfront about the level of work for the project will go to local businesses. That way WA’s manufacturing and fabrication businesses can prepare for the work rather than being forced to watch as hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work go offshore.”

“Currently, we have workshops operating at one quarter of their capacity and taking on fewer apprentices than ever before. It beggars belief that this is the situation given the amount of large resource projects taking place in our state.”

“The big resource companies can afford to spend millions of dollars on advertising to convince us they’re corporate citizens, knock of the resource super-profits tax and now attempt to frustrate a price on pollution.  They should be spending that money on training and development opportunities for young WA workers.”

“If the Barnett Government really cared about WA workers and local businesses it would have supported the ALP’s Skilled Local Jobs Bill.”
Labor’s Bill requires companies and the Government to reveal the level of local jobs and services, including steel fabrication, used on projects costing more than $200 million. It  also requires disclosure if local jobs and services could not be used.
“This announcement today is next to useless and will do nothing to ensure our young people, our workers and our local businesses are able to take advantage of our state’s resources.”

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