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Biggest ever community survey launched in WA
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 08:03

WA unions are embarking upon the largest ever community survey in Western Australia to canvas opinion on key community services.

With the Barnett Government continuing to cut public sector budgets, privatise services, undermine public sector workers and palm off work to the community sector, the survey will ask the community whether these changes are impacting on services in their area.

Hundreds of public sector workers concerned about the Government’s current agenda are expected to assist distributing the survey by letter-boxing their local areas and asking their neighbours to take part.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk said the number of people voicing concern about the impact the state government’s agenda will have on service delivery led to the idea to consult more widely with the WA community.

“Union members have been raising the alarm bell over the impact of state government decisions  such as budget cuts for some time. We know that working Western Australians depend on these services and we believe that, as residents of a wealthy state, they have a right to expect good quality, well-resourced services wherever they live in WA.

“One of the benefits of the resource boom must be investment in infrastructure and in quality public services. We want to know what people think of the government’s record on key services like health, schools and transport. We want to know if they see the Government’s current actions impacting on services in their area and what services need improving.”

“The Barnett Government has been too busy schmoozing big business to listen to what people are saying. A perfect example is the Barnett Government’s insistence on having the multinational company Serco run services at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital despite huge community opposition to the privatisation of what was supposed to be our flagship hospital.”
“We’re asking people throughout WA to tell us their opinion on WA’s public services. We’ll then make sure our politicians get the results of the survey and it will be up to them to act on what the community needs.”

The survey will run for three months across WA. Surveys will be letter-boxed in some areas and can also be completed online at

Simone McGurk is available for comment.

For more information contact: Madeleine Holme - 0417 060 360

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