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Climate Change is Union Business

Climate change is one of the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and Australians will be hit hard if we do not respond with urgent and decisive action to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency and support the transition to a low carbon economy. Unions have been working hard at both national and international levels to develop real, workable and equitable solutions to this major problem.

A price on pollution
The introduction of a price on carbon pollution is fundamental for Australia to shift to a low pollution economy. A strong price on carbon is needed to provide a price signal to underpin the commercial viability of low pollution, renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

Moving to a low pollution economy
Unions are determined that adjusting to a low pollution economy must focus on support for emission-intensive and trade-exposed industries, measures to protect existing jobs, programs to attract investment in clean energy and production, and assistance to low income households.

Some industries and regional economies will be impacted more acutely than others. It is imperative that these communities are assisted to successfully adapt their industries and build new ones to ensure decent living standards, job opportunities and services continue to thrive in these areas.

We must start identifying and prioritising the green skills development, knowledge and work needed for a low pollution economy.

Through their involvement in the climate change consultation mechanisms, unions will ensure that Australian workers have a say in how the nation responds to climate change. That's why we say climate change is union business.

What's next
An estimated 45,000 of Australians gathered in venues around the country on 5 June (World Environment Day) to loudly say YES to a price on carbon pollution.
And among them were thousands of union members. There was great support for the Say Yes to climate action rallies from unions and their members.

People standing up and saying they support pricing carbon pollution is important. If we don’t keep telling our politicians that we want action, they’ll find it easy to simply walk away from the biggest challenge facing our nation (and the world).

The ACTU is a member of the Say Yes coalition for action on climate change alongside leading organisations representing the environment, young people and social action. This is a non-partisan movement dedicated to giving a voice to the millions of Australians who support action on climate change through a price on pollution. The national day of action was just the start of the campaign for action.

See below for more information or contact your union directly.


Climate Change is Union Business

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