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UnionsWA buy pizzas for Wisconsin protesters
Friday, 04 March 2011 16:49

UnionsWA staff have demonstrated their support for the protestors in the US city of Wisconsin by having a number of pizzas delivered to the group on behalf of staff at the peak body. Public sector workers in Wisconsin are facing an unprecedented attack on their rights by the newly elected conservative Governor of the state.

With a local pizza shop in Wisconsin taking orders from supporters worldwide, UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk felt it was important to show support given the challenges workers in WA are currently facing.

“With the shadow of the Amendola report hanging over us in WA we felt it was appropriate to reach out to those in Wisconsin who are facing a similar sort of attack on their rights,” UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk said.

“We hope that in six months time there is no need for them to start sending us Chicken Treat.”

Ms McGurk felt that there were a number of similarities between the policies in Wisconsin and those proposed for WA.

“We are seeing before us a classic example of the kind of policies for workers that are on the Conservative’s agenda. The policies proposed for Wisconsin and the policies for WA are both cut from the same cloth. Central to the idea is finding a way in which you can pay workers less and strip them of their existing rights.

“As in Wisconsin where Governor Walker did not take this to the people prior to his election, the Barnett Government has hidden the Amendola report and their intentions from the WA workforce knowing that is it electoral poison.”

“Make no mistake, the Government is currently drafting new laws that will introduce WorkChoices style changes for more than 300,000 WA workers in small business and the public sector.

“The new laws will force new workers onto individual contracts, strip back the award safety net and cut minimum employment standards.

“Our public sector is already struggling to recruit and retain staff in the new resources boom. Making public sector workplaces less fair will make it even harder to attract the people we need for essential public services.

“They may be shivering while we are sweltering, but we share solidarity with workers in Wisconsin and it’s why we’re happy to offer such a token of our support.”

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