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News News Biggest union in WA changes its name

On March 1 2011, the LHMU changed its name to United Voice.

This process began two years ago when members who make up the union’s National Council – its peak governing body – called for a new name.

It was felt the old name did not properly represent the many different industries covered and jobs done by the union’s members. The National Councillors also felt the word ‘Miscellaneous’ was a word which downgraded the important work the members do.

Union members and delegates across Australia were then involved in the process of choosing a new name and from these discussions, United Voice was chosen.

Dave Kelly, WA secretary of United Voice said: “It’s a name that gets away from just trying to describe the industries we represent and instead says something about what we want our Union to be.

“United Voice says so much more about why we are here and what we are trying to achieve in our workplaces and communities.

“The new name will take a little time to get used to but I am confident that in a very short while we will make it our own.

“As our membership in WA struggles with life under the Liberal state government, now more than ever we need a name that helps unite and inspires us.”

United Voice members have been enthusiastic about the name change.

Alain Goinden, who works at Burswood, said he felt the name better reflected all the different industries in the union.

“LHMU was not a good name for workers who are cleaners or those in childcare for example,” he said.

“Liquor and Hospitality in no way reflects what they do but they are as much a part of our union as people in the hospitality industry. Miscellaneous is an old word, like something from the 1960s and it does not reflect the kind of work we do now.”

Catherine McGoldrick, an education assistant in Broome said: “I am really stoked about the name change because it makes me feel like we’re standing united.

“Before I felt like education was an arm of our union. But as United Voice it feels like we’re more of a team, and more together.”

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