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News Media Releases Woodside must guarantee engineering work will be done locally
Woodside must guarantee engineering work will be done locally
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 17:13

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk has called on energy giant Woodside to guarantee that some of the front end engineering and design contracts for its Browse project would be done in Australia.

Woodside announced that successful companies would include Aker Solutions, MODEC, Kellogg Brown and Root and Leighton Contractors had been awarded the contracts.

However, industry sources have expressed concern that while those companies may have offices in Australia all of the design and engineering work would be likely to go offshore.

Ms McGurk stated that the firm needed to go further to allay the public’s concerns that all the work would disappear off shore.

“Woodside’s announcement of the successful firms is hollow without guaranteeing how much work will be done in WA. West Australian engineers should be working on these projects and we should be looking to create a global hub for design engineering from these projects. This simply will not happen if all the work is disappearing off shore.

“It is absurd that West Australian engineers should need to go overseas in order to work on West Australian projects.”

Ms McGurk argued that Woodside’s projects were rapidly gaining a reputation for being inaccessible for local firms and that the State Government must act to ensure there would be a tangible amount of work done in Western Australia.

“The Government’s policy on these matters should not resemble an auction house selling off Western Australia to the highest bidder, but rather they should be able to detail to us just how this was the best possible deal for the people of WA.

“We can’t have the Government’s faith based approach in which they simply just ask us to trust the big companies; we need to legislation which will ensure the WA companies are involved in the process from the design down to the manufacturing.

“This Government must work harder to ensure that more is done to ensure WA benefits from this boom. If it can be built here, it should be here.”

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