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Ghoulish Resurrections aren't limited to Halloween
Friday, 29 October 2010 17:53

By Simone McGurk, UnionsWA Secretary.

Many West Australians will enjoy Halloween on Sunday, but they should be careful of some lurking undead policies which will need more than a few lollies to keep them at bay.

Federally, Peter Reith was exhumed this week and was quick to help in the ghoulish efforts of the Coalition to resurrect Work Choices.

Meanwhile, Former PM and now enthusiastic book salesman  John Howard  was ducking shoes and telling all who would listen how great life was in the days when he and Peter Costello pushed WorkChoices. Yes John, and it proved a real vote winner too.

The only thing to be “dead, buried, cremated” is the idea that the Coalition won’t try and put WorkChoices back at the centrepiece of Industrial Relations.
And at state level, West Australian workers have the Amendola report still lurking in the shadows.

The Barnett government have said they will release the $850,000 tax payer funded effort to the public by the end of the year, some 18 months after receiving it.
For WA workers, it’s no secret why this report has been kept under locked in the tomb for unpopular policies for so long. WorkChoices is electoral poison, however like a vampire looking after the blood bank the state Liberals just can’t help themselves.

No doubt the State Government is waiting for an opportune moment to slip the legislation under the front door of WA workers before scuttling off to talk about “flexibility” and the need for reform.

More than half of the Australian workforce is now involved in non-permanent work. These workers don’t feel flexible they just feel insecure.

Despite WA having the best unemployment figures in the country and a looming skills shortage, there is still apparently a great need for reform.

WA workers need to remember with the Amendola Report there will be plenty of tricks but no treats.

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