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News News UnionsWA congratulates Prime Minister Gillard
UnionsWA congratulates Julia Gillard on becoming the first female Australian Prime Minister elected to office.

The peak union body in Western Australia welcomes the decision of Independent MPs Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott to back the Labor Party in their attempt to form a minority government which now gives the country stability and security to progress on key Government policies such as broadband, climate change, regional infrastructure and education.

“Julie Gillard’s conduct since polling day has given us great confidence that she is the right choice to become Australia’s first elected female leader and we have great optimism that she will deliver progress over the next three years,” UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk said.

Despite the assurances from the Coalition that WorkChoices was “dead, buried and cremated”  during the campaign, UnionsWA believes Australian workers can feel far more secure knowing the party that actually dismantled the WorkChoices system has retained power.

“One message was unequivocal from this election – the Australian public don’t want individual contracts. What they do want are secure jobs and a fair deal at work,” Ms McGurk continued.

“The Australian electorate expressed their dismay towards both major parties and it is clear that the major challenge for the Gillard Government will be to understand the electorate sentiment as well as revive the Australians’ confidence in the Australian Labor Party. We look forward to working with Prime Minister Gillard and her new Government on the issues that are important to working Australians and their families.”
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