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News News UnionsWA calls for greater worker input into safety
The tragic death of a worker at a mine site in the West Australian Goldfields highlights the need for a greater empowerment of workers to identify and police risks.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk has said that unions are not opposed to the State Government’s new risk-assessment mine safety model but that it must allow workers to be involved in protecting their own safety.

“While we do not wish to comment on the exact nature of this recent tragedy given it is under investigation, the fact that we have had yet another death serves to highlight the current problem,” Ms McGurk said.

“This is the 21st century, workers on mine sites should not be dealing with the sort of fatality rates we have seen over the last two years.”

“There is clearly a problem but there is also a very clear solution. Workers need elected, trained and active representatives who help maintain the safety levels for all employees and we need regulation which ensures that companies remain vigilant on matters of safety.”

“Up to this point mining companies have been deficient in maximising involvement from workers in safety in any credible way.”

“The current process is clearly not working and that has tragic results.”

There have been at least ten deaths in the mining industry in the past two years.
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