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News News Can you trust Tony to deliver?

Abbott’s paid parental leave back-flip increases concerns over whether he can be trusted to deliver.

Unions are again raising concerns about how sincere Tony Abbott’s commitment to paid parental leave really is. Abbott today announced changes to the Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme including pushing back the starting date to half way through 2012. This comes on top of previous changes already announced whereby the scheme will now be paid at the woman’s rate of pay regardless of which parent decides to stay home.

When Abbott first announced his paid parental leave scheme in March unions were cynical with UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk describing Abbott’s about turn on paid parental leave as “breathtakingly cynical, particularly given [his] comments whilst in power that the Liberal Government would support a paid maternity scheme “over this Government’s dead body”, and his support for WorkChoices under which women were much worse off.”

Today ACTU president Ged Kearney echoed these sentiments saying voters should be sceptical that the Coalition if elected would deliver a paid parental leave scheme.

“He will delay and delay this scheme to the end because he knows the business community will never support or pay for it and most in his ranks have always opposed it, including Mr Abbott himself," she said.

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