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News News Union activists once again campaigning against WorkChoices

Union activists are once again getting out and about campaigning to ensure that Tony Abbott does not bring back WorkChoices style changes to employment laws.

In 2007, the Your Rights At Work campaign had a fantastic victory in defeating John Howard and Tony Abbott’s unfair WorkChoices legislation. Unbelievably, just 3 years later we are again campaigning to ensure that Abbott doesn’t bring back the worst aspects of WorkChoices by ‘tweaking’ the Fair Work Act.

The first week of the official 2010 election campaign saw Tony Abbott and his team all over the place as they continue to avoid telling the Australian public what their real plans are for workplaces. Abbott’s pledge on July 17, that WorkChoices was “dead, buried and cremated,” unraveled within hours.

In response, activists have been out holding information stalls, letter-boxing, talking to concerned community members, handing out leaflets and having a good time while they’re doing it! We defeated WorkChoices once – we now need your help to do it again! For more information or to get involved with the campaign contact Claire Comrie on 9328 7877 or


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