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It's simple: To end the fear, release the report
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 14:42

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk has responded to claims by WA Minister for Commerce Bill Marmion that the unions are ”scaremongering “ in regards to the Barnett Government’s efforts to bring in WorkChoices style laws by repeating her call for the Amendola report to be released.

“If the Minister is so concerned about voters being scared he should simply release the Amendola Report. It’s his Government’s refusal to release the report, written by a key architect of the Howard Government’s WorkChoices legislation, that has workers concerned, not our efforts to bring some transparency to the issue,” Ms McGurk said.

While Marmion has said that his Government will release the report by the end of the year, UnionsWA is questioning the reason for extending the already extensive delay.

“The Barnett Government has already had this report for eight months, what possible value could come from it being withheld from the public for a further five months? It is clear the State Government is waiting for a politically opportune moment to unveil its plans.”

“The Government has been vocal in their calls for transparency in government; their own action in this case has been far from transparent.”

The UnionsWA Secretary has pointed to an opinion piece in today’s West Australian by former Liberal MLA Graham Kierath to highlight just how central WorkChoices style laws are to the philosophy of a Coalition Government.

‘It would seem that the ghost of WorkChoices still haunts the state liberal party, especially now Graham Kierath has been resurrected.”

“Mr Kierath’s long defence of the policy just proves what a central theme the Coalition feels policy like this is and it must add further doubt to the claim that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have had such a Road to Damascus moment and decided it should be ‘dead, buried and cremated’.”

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