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UnionsWA calls for an end to the ABCC
Monday, 19 July 2010 17:41

UnionsWA supports the rally for construction worker Ark Tribe and calls the abolition of the ABCC (The Office of the Australian Building and Construction Commission).

Tribe’s is set to resume at an Adelaide Court tomorrow after he refused an order from the ABCC to attend a hearing into the legality of a stop-work meeting.

In 2008, a stop-work meeting was called at a building site at Flinders University.

Workers were frustrated by inaction over long-standing safety concerns.
They returned to their jobs after a site visit by inspectors.

Under the rules of the ABCC, Tribe was not permitted to attend the meeting with any legal representation nor was he permitted to tell anyone what occurred during the interrogation.

Unions WA Secretary Simone McGurk said that no Australian worker should feel under pressure not to stand up for workplace safety.

“The sad farce in all of this is the fact that the safety issue was resolved two years ago, all workers on the site promptly returned to work once an inspection had occurred.”

“That the ABCC continue to pursue this matter smacks of an agency out of control.”

Furthermore, Ms McGurk argues that the ABCC must be disbanded on the grounds that it is denial of natural justice and an affront to the basic principle of everyone being equal under the law.

“What we have here is the threat that the Australian government would imprison an Australian citizen because they refused to accept a scenario in which they were denied natural justice.

“These laws treat construction workers worse than any terrorist or serious criminal, at a time when both sides of politics are talking about fiscal responsibility we have a rogue Government agency spending millions of dollars prosecuting construction workers.”

The Rally for Ark Tribe starts at 10am at the Perth Esplanade (near the glass pyramid) to the offices of the ABCC.

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