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A fairer share for all Australians
Friday, 02 July 2010 16:51

UnionsWA believes the new Minerals Resource Rent Tax will help provide the building blocks for a fairer Australia and give ordinary Australians a greater share of the profits generated by the exploitation of the country’s non-renewable resources.

The peak union body in WA argues the $10.5 billion windfall will provide vital infrastructure across the country and particularly in WA mining communities which to date have been largely overlooked in terms of development despite the huge profits generated by nearby resource projects.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk believes that while the road to negotiation was an unsightly one the end result should be considered a victory for the Australian people.

“The sight of mining billionaires picketing on the foreshore of West Perth was certainly unedifying and it is disheartening to see such a campaign of scare mongering pay dividends by forcing the government’s hand to make such concessions. However at the end of the process the Australian people are still in a better position than when the campaign began.”

Ms McGurk then highlighted the Coalitions continued resistance to the policy.

“The alternative choice is a stark one. The $10.5 billion raised by this tax for the Australian people is $10.5 billion more than under the Coalition’s” no new taxes” stand on the resources sector.

“The Coalition’s continued opposition to the tax, despite it getting support from the Minerals Council of Australia and the major players in the mining industry, clearly shows that Abbott has more interest in the investment portfolio’s of his rich backers like Clive Palmer than he does about securing infrastructure for the broader Australian public.”
For more information contact: Stephen Kaless, Media Officer, UnionsWA


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