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News Media Releases UnionsWA congratulates Julia Gillard
UnionsWA congratulates Julia Gillard
Friday, 25 June 2010 11:51

Media Release: June 24

UnionsWA congratulates Julia Gillard on becoming Australia’s first female Prime Minister.
Today represents a great day for all Australian women and her promotion will offer voters a stark contrast at the next election between her and current Liberal Leader Tony Abbott.

We welcome her opening remarks regarding her commitment to protect the rights at work for ordinary Australians against Tony Abbott’s evangelical determination to restore Work Choices.

UnionsWA would also like to thank Kevin Rudd for his contribution to Australia, and his leadership over the past three years. Kevin Rudd’s apology to Indigenous Australians, the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the scrapping of the proposed Work Choices legislation and his victory on paid parental leave stand out amongst the notable achievements during his time in office.

Despite its limitations the Fair Work Act remains vastly superior to anything from the era of John Howard which Abbott would look to resurrect should he win the next federal election.

Ms Gillard steps into the role at a crucial time for Australian workers and UnionsWA ask her to continue on the current path of tax reform in the mining industry to ensure a fairer allocation of the wealth that Australia’s natural resources produce.

In the coming months there will no doubt be a number of debates on issues that affect Australian families and we would call on the Prime Minister to consult with those families and the groups that represent them to ensure that the Australian Government remains a government that governs for all Australians.

Consultation should not be a privilege afforded only to the rich and powerful.

For more information contact: Stephen Kaless, Media Officer, UnionsWA 0417 923 029

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