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News News Unions welcome the passing of the Paid Parental Leave scheme

Unions and workers in WA and across the country have today welcomed the passing of the Federal Government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme into legislation.

The 18 week government-funded scheme will help ease the financial and emotional pressures many parents face during the crucial first months after the birth of a child. The scheme also brings Australia closer in line with the rest of the world in regard to paid parental leave.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk applauded the decision whilst acknowledging that it was long overdue. “This decision is fantastic news for working Australians. For far too long, many Australian families have really struggled financially during those first crucial months after the birth of a child so we welcome this assistance.”

“Unions and working Australians started this campaign over 30 years ago and we still require stronger legislation in this area but we are certainly celebrating this win today."

Australian unions first won working mothers the right to 12 months unpaid maternity leave in 1979. Today’s announcement comes after more than 30 years of campaigning.

Unions will continue to seek new and better entitlements for parental leave including:
• A ‘top up’ to the Government’s payment so parents get their full income replaced
• Superannuation for the period parents are on paid parental leave
• Longer periods of employer-provided paid parental leave

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