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News News UnionsWA calls for increase to State Minimum Wage

UnionsWA has called for Western Australia’s State Minimum Wage to increase by 5.5%.

The current weekly minimum for adults is $569.70 per week, or $14.99 per hour. An increase of 5.5% would bring the weekly wage to $601, or $15.82 per hour.

The UnionsWA Submission points out that in 2009, the WA Industrial Relations Commission only increased the minimum wage by $12.30 per week, and delayed even that increase for three months because of ‘adverse State and national economic environments’.

The Submission goes onto say that: ‘Given the consensus that both the WA and national economies have performed better than anticipated, the Commission’s decision must recognize that minimum wage and award workers should benefit from that improved performance.’

‘Since minimum wage and award workers were expected to suffer restraint because of the general economic conditions, their forbearance should be recognized with a 5.5% increase.’

Email Tim Dymond for a copy of the full UnionsWA ‘Outline of Submissions’.

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