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News Media Releases State budget lacks vision and abdicates responsibility
State budget lacks vision and abdicates responsibility
Thursday, 20 May 2010 16:32

Media Release   20 May 2010
State budget lacks vision and abdicates responsibility

WA unions say the State budget highlights a lack of vision on the part of the Government and a desire to abdicate responsibility for the provision of essential services, and for the general welfare of the WA community.

While the budget’s additional funding for workforce training places is very welcome, the Government’s plan to shift the delivery of essential services from the public sector to community organisations, charities and churches gives it every appearance of trying to avoid accountability for service delivery.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk has said that public services must remain accountable to the public that they are established to serve. “Passing responsibility for delivering essential services on to charities and community organisations is just not acceptable. These organisations are often staffed by low paid workers and volunteers and they should not be expected to be accountable for services that are properly the responsibility of government.”

“The Government is trying to avoid its responsibility to the WA community and cut costs by asking low-paid community sector workers to perform the role of the public sector.”

Ms McGurk said that the Government has also neglected its responsibilities to WA workers and their families by increasing the cost of water, electricity and public transport without adequate compensation.

“On top of this the Government has recently only recommended a minimal increase to the State Minimum Wage. All in all low paid workers are going to really struggle to meet the increased costs of this budget.”

“A surplus budget is a great thing if a Government uses it to invest in the future for all West Australians. We see no such vision in this budget. Instead we have a Government attempting to avoid its responsibilities for the welfare of the people it serves. A surplus coming at the cost of increased pressure on low-income earners is nothing to be proud of.”



For comment, please contact Simone McGurk 0407 199 890  

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