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News News Unions respond to dishonest mining company scare campaign

Unions are continuing to fight back against the dishonest scare campaign being run by the mining companies and the Liberal/National Party Coalition over the Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT). The AWU has launched a TV ad calling on the mining industry to accept that it is time to put something backing into Australian communities.

The AWU National Secretary, Paul Howes, has accused Tony Abbott of attempting to buy government by siding with the interests of the wealthy multinationals – rather than backing Australians who want a fair share of the country’s resources to build a decent nation for this generation, and their children and grand-children.

The WA Liberal Party certainly wasted no time in writing to large WA businesses asking for contributions to their election campaign in return for the Liberal Party fighting the resource tax for them:
“We all know that industry organisations have their place in policy development and academic promotion of their cause. But it’s hard to point to a successful industry-run political campaign. Quite simply, they are no good at it. This fight is political, only a Liberal campaign will put pressure on Labor in the key marginal seats where it matters - and defeat this new tax.” (1)

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk has said that the reaction of the mining companies was predictable however the Liberal Party’s decision to join the resource industry’s ridiculous fear campaign demonstrates their lack of concern for ordinary West Australians.

“The benefits of this tax for WA workers and their families will be significant. It is well overdue that the mining industry starts to return a higher percentage of their enormous profits to the people who own these resources – the Australian people.

“Tony Abbott’s decision and the decision of the WA Liberal Party to sell out the Australian people in an attempt to raise money for their own election campaigns is truly disgraceful. Along with his commitment to bring back key elements of WorkChoices, this demonstrates very clearly that Mr Abbott will prioritise his mates in big business over the Australian people.”

  (1) 14.05.10, WA Business News, ‘WA Libs seek funds for super tax fight’

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