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News News Reforms welcome, but improvements can still be made to the Fair Work Bill

The UnionsWA submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Fair Work Bill says that some elements of the Bill do not go far enough in restoring the balance for employees.

Areas which UnionsWA  says still need work include

  • The ability for AWAs to continue past their expiry date (this will be contained in future transitional legislation)
  • Right of entry  -  employers can nominate meeting place;  employers can seek 'conscientious exemption' from union entry to workplace
  • Limits to assistance of Fair Work Australia in the bargaining process
  • Fair Work Australia and federal Minister have the power to cease protected industrial action
  • Exclusions from unfair dismissal laws - inlcluding small business, trainees and employees earning over $100,000
  • Seven day limit for lodging unfair dismissal claims - previously claims had to be lodged in 21 days
  • Limiting the content of agreements
  • No award coverage for employees earning more than $100,000
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  • SOS Action Plan

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