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News News WA Public Sector Unions plan to deliver for regions

WA Public Sector Unions met today for the first time since the swearing in of the new state government. The Unions vowed to campaign for regional members and their families.

Campaign focus areas will be to:

  1. Significantly improve the district allowances paid to remote and regional workers
  2. Get better country housing for teachers, police, prison officers and healthcare workers
  3. Ensure that the public sector savings being sought by the new government do not result in a loss of jobs or services
Nationals leader Brendan Grylls has talked about $30 million a year for extra allowances for public servants in regional areas. But public sector unions are concerned that amount would not be enough to meet unions' long-held district allowance claim.

Union leaders also committed to hold Mr Grylls to his election commitment to provide decent housing and free rent to essential workers in regional areas. The quality and number of houses available to regional workers has long been a sore point. Union activists know that this is the number one issue for public sector workers living in regional WA.

WA Public Sector Unions vowed to fight any job losses or service cuts that may result from Treasurer Buswell's economic audit. The Treasurer has confirmed that he may go further than the 3% cut already planned. He has also refused to rule out voluntary redundancies for public sector workers. Dave Robinson of UnionsWA said contract workers would be the most vulnerable under Treasurer Buswell's review.

WA Public Sector Unions represent over 100,000 workers including nurses, police, carers, firefighters and prison officers.

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