Flat public service pay rise welcomed by some, but not others - Unions WA

Flat public service pay rise will be welcomed by some, but not others

UnionsWA has today responded to the policy announced by the McGowan Government of a flat $1,000 pa pay increase for the public sector workforce.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary, UnionsWA said:

“The Government’s wages policy of providing public service pay increases of $1,000 a year will be welcomed by some employees in the public sector. 

“For entry level clerical workers, education assistants, health support workers and others on lower incomes, this will increase their take home pay above the rate of inflation and provide some much needed relief for the high costs of living in WA.

“Of course, employees in the general Government sector are unlikely to be happy with today’s announcement. 

“These employees are already concerned about the recent announcements of agency restructuring and service reviews by the McGowan Government, and the prospect of job losses. 

“For them it will be a double-whammy; they will experience a loss in their real income at the same time they are facing increased job insecurity and uncertainty.

“They are already struggling with increased workloads as a result of the cuts imposed by the previous Liberal Government.

“Anyone earning more than around $70,000 will have a worse pay outcome under this wages policy. 

“These will be hard-working and committed public sector working people that directly deliver public services, in our schools and hospitals as well as administrators and managers already coping with cuts and agency reorganisations.”

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