Fiona Stanley: Privatised, delayed and over-Budget - UnionsWA

Fiona Stanley: Privatised, delayed and over-Budget

On behalf of the Save Our Services campaign led by public sector unions, UnionsWA has today launched a new video on the delays and cost blow outs of the privatised Fiona Stanley Hospital.  This coincides with the admission of a few patients receiving limited services.


Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Privatised, delayed and over Budget – that’s the real story of the Fiona Stanley Hospital.

“Colin Barnett declaring Fiona Stanley Hospital to be “open” reminds me of George W. Bush declaring “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq.

“It’s not a hospital yet, it’s Australia’s most expensive GP clinic.

“There’s no functioning Emergency Department or other crucial hospital services.

“Public sector unions and community members as part of the Save Our Services campaign have today launched a short video highlighting the many failures of Colin Barnett’s obsession with privatisation.

“The Government knew two years ago that the opening would be delayed.

“But Barnett said one thing before the election, and another after.

“He let the politics get in the way so that he could falsely claim before the election the hospital was on time. 

“Only after the election did he publicly acknowledge what he knew all along, that there were serious delays and cost blowouts.

“While the construction was completed in December 2013, Serco recruited non-clinical staff too early while the Barnett Government delayed and botched its clinical staff recruitment.

“The IT blow-out has cost $150 million and in addition Serco has been paid $118 million while serving no patients.

“Treasury were given two weeks instead of months to review one of the biggest privatisation contracts in WA history.  The cabinet submission was rushed.”

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