Budget blows cause pain - Unions WA

Budget blows cause pain

UnionsWA has commented on the release of the first Budget by the Mc Gowan Labor Government critical of the planned loss of 3,000 public sector.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary, UnionsWA said:

“The loss of 3,000 public sector jobs come at a difficult time for our fragile economy in WA.

“It’s likely these cuts will inevitably impact on services needed by West Australian families.

“Our diminished public sector will be left to cope with fewer resources at an increasingly challenging time.

“All West Australians recognise that the previous Liberal Government left our state in a financial mess and with a weakened economy.

“These cuts come after many years of cuts under the Liberals.

“Earlier announced increases in government charges and fees were confirmed in today’s budget.

“Working people and those on fixed incomes will struggle to meet these costs, which are rising at rates well above inflation and well above wage increases.

“The McGowan Labor Government was elected on the promise of a fresh approach and if it does not deliver, it will be judged harshly.”

Additional Information

The Budget includes, for the 2017-18 financial year:

  •  10.88% increase in residential electricity tariffs;
  •  6% increase in the Water Corporation’s total water tariffs (water, wastewater and drainage);
  •  8.99% increase in public transport standard fares (rounded to the nearest ten cents), with the student fare now 70 cents;
  •  1.67% increase in motor vehicle licence fees;
  •  2.79% increase in compulsory third party (CTP) insurance premiums;
  • 3.35% (or $9) increase in the Emergency Services Levy, and;
  • TAFE fees frozen over forward estimates from 2018.

Total expenditure by the ‘representative household’ on this basket of Government goods and services in 2017-18 is an increase of 7.74% or $438.39. 


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