Barnett promise: more weekend work for less pay - Unions WA

Barnett promise: more weekend work for less pay

UnionsWA today criticised Premier Barnett for his promise to both extend Sunday trading and weekend hours of work as well as cutting penalty rates 

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Barnett has made a promise of longer weekend work hours as well as a cut to penalty rates.

“He’s shown no concern for low paid retail and hospitality workers and their families.

“Sundays and weekends are still special.

“Business people and conservative politicians such as Barnett and Abbott may want a 24/7 economy, but everyone else lives in the real world where we value our weekends together.

“The football grand final won’t be played on a Tuesday.

"Children’s sport, religious services, Friday night drinks and parties are mostly held on weekends

"Wednesday is still “hump-day” because the weekend approaches.”

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