Audit Report: “a race to the bottom for a rat-race at the bottom”

Following the May Day march through Fremantle today UnionsWA released new data estimating the impact in WA of proposed cuts to the minimum wage and of relocation of long term unemployed youth.  UnionsWA and the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) called on the Abbott Government to immediately reject these proposals from the recent Commission of Audit Report.

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ACTU Indigenous Leaders Program

Western Australia 9 – 13 June 2014

Many Australian unions are engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members and communities through their representative structures, industrial campaigns and multilateral employment and community agreements.


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Why May Day Matters

Not many West Australians know that this is the season Noongar people call Djeran, signifying the start of cool and pleasant weather and known as a time to fish and collect seeds.

Many of our commemorations are grounded in British and European tradition and timed according to those climates.

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200 work deaths while Barnett stalls on safety laws

Commemorating work fatalities on Worker’s Memorial Day, UnionsWA has criticised the Barnett Government for failing to streamline and strengthen health and safety laws.

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Asset sales will lead to higher costs, less accountability and insecure jobs

UnionsWA today joined with union leaders from the Electrical Trades Union, the Australian Services Union and the Maritime Union of Australia and to warn that the reported sale and privatisation of West Australian water, electricity and port assets will increase costs to households and busines

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Privatisation means poor training, high fees & fewer apprentices

UnionsWA today presented at hearings for the Senate Education and Employment References Committee Inquiry into Technical and Further Education in Australia.

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A discriminating review?

Discrimination can happen anywhere - at work, in the street, when purchasing goods or services.  

Discrimination hates diversity.  Gender, age, race, disability, sexuality; members of religious, political and union movements are often the target.  So what are the risks from the Barnett Government’s review of discrimination protections?

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Public holiday pay cut “UnAustralian”

UnionsWA today responded to the release by the Economic Regulatory Authority of a submission by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA the Inquiry into Microeconomic Reform that calls on the Barnett Government to abolish the penalty rates on holidays.

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Public still lose services from Mid-year Statement

UnionsWA today comment on the release by the Barnett Government of its Mid-year Financial Projections Statement.  UnionsWA.

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Skills slump harmed by low apprentice pay and rip-offs

UnionsWA commented on today’s report in The West Australian regarding WA’s skills slump.

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Unity training